The Return Of The Cimmerian Barbarian

Deadline today announced that Amazon is developing a Conan the Barbarian TV series based on Robert E. Howard’s books.

Conan The Barbarian
Conan’s BACK baby!

Ryan Condal (co-creator of Colony), Miguel Sapochnik (director from Game of Thrones) along with Warren Littlefield (executive producer from The Handmaid’s Tale) are developing the series for Amazon. Cordal is writing Amazon’s Conan story, which is said to be a “return to his literary origins.”

The Conan books tell the story of the lone tribal warrior as he is cast from his home into a “treacherous world of civilization where he searches for purpose in a place that rejects him as a mindless savage.”

The iconic character has appeared in many different iterations ever since Howard’s books were first published in 1932. The most acclaimed adaptation was the John Milius epic Conan the Barbarian in 1982, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger in his breakout role. The less successful sequel, Conan the Destroyer, followed two years later. In 2011, Lionsgate released a new version of Conan the Barbarian with Jason Momoa assuming the title role. The film ended up bombing at the box office, grossing just under $50 million against a $90 million budget. Plans for the sequel were duly scrapped.

Conan The Barbarian
Arnie with some bigger boys

The new series doesn’t have a premiere date yet and there’s also no word on casting. Film Goblin will let you know all this when we find out.

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