Hello, Peeps

Our friends at Deadline are reporting that actress Sophia Di Martino has won a role opposite Tom Hiddleston in the upcoming Disney+ limited series, Loki

The show will focus on the popular Marvel villain and brother of Thor in his post Avengers: Endgame life.

Sophia Di Martino is not exactly a household name. A quick search of her IMDB shows she has worked mostly on projects in England. Her biggest credit to people in the US is probably for a stint in the AMC show Into The Badlands.

The reason her casting has gained attention is because the rumor is that Loki will feature a female version of the character.

This rumor is believable because it fits in with Marvel’s recent strategy in their creative universe to recast and change roles which were previously male with women, such as making Natalie Portman the new Thor and switching the focus on the upcoming Hawkeye series from Hawkeye himself to his daughter.

Looking at her, she kind of does share some facial features with Tom Hiddleston, especially the jaw.

Before we condemn Marvel and start storming Disneyland with pitchfork and torches for trying to be woke again, let’s keep in mind that Loki is a shapeshifter who is capable of changing not just how he looks, but his gender as well.

So it is possible that this female Loki is just one of the many disguises that he uses throughout the series and may not even play a major role in the show.

Loki has not yet been given an official release date yet.