For years there has been debate about whether we should have a female Bond, or a black Bond.  Now, in a rather excellent piece of trolling, EON Productions are apparently going to give us a black and female 007 all at once, in a clever and neat way.

As we now know, the as yet untitled Bond 25 begins with a retired James Bond living a quiet life in Jamaica.  This is interrupted when US agent Felix Leiter shows up and asks for help to rescue a kidnapped scientist which puts Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

31-year-old Lashana Lynch otherwise knows as Captain Marvel’s Maria Rambeau will feature in the movie.  It is now strongly rumoured that in a pivotal scene near the beginning of the movie M will ask Moneypenny to send in 007, and Lynch will enter the office.

Lashana Lynch

With James Bond retired, the 007 operative code has passed to a replacement agent, to be played by Lynch.  So there you go.  A black, female 007 and nobody needs to get over excited about the whole thing.  Excellent!