hey gang welcome to the fist edition of FLIMABLES with ebob junior! you might remember me from such articles as… perks and pokes. why tramformers are important. and luke skywalkers top ten hottest outfits. well today im dong some thing different. im going to review a flim AND a lunchable and we will see which one comes out on top!

ive bean wanting to try the pizza with pepperponi lunchable ever since along time now. tiny pizzas… nestle crunch…. CARPI SUN….. it sounds like a community center pizza party in a box! need less to say i had to have one.

the flim i decided to watch is the critically claimed I TONYA starring margot robbie and sebatsian stan. fortutately i was able to find it streaming on line for free. it was alot shorter than i was expecting only 16 minutes! spoilers a head……

this found footage flim opened with tonya harding in her wedding dress talking to her new husband jeff gooly. and then… she took it off. i mean she was NAKED. at this point the story really took a turn. the got in a bed and did some… things. this being a family friendly web site i dont think i should go in to too much detail. lets just say i saw enough of sebatsian stans butt to last a life time. and i dont think that was yogurt in margot robbies hand at the end. i wish the video quality was better but i guess it is accurate to the time frame it

i thought allison janey was supposed to be in this too but i dont remember seeing her. may be it was her operating the camera like tj miller did in coverfield? over all it was an interesting watch with power house performances but still not quite as entaining as the hype made me believe it would be.

once the action started it was time to break open up my personal pizza party. some assembly was required and unfortutately they did not include instructions but by the second one i had the hang of it and so will you! im also happy to report they porvided nine pieces of pepperponi so each pizza got three equal slices… after that it was time for desert. if you havent had a nestle crunch before i highly recommend it. it has rice in it so its a great source of fiber and chocolate. when that was finished i washed it down with a refeshing bag of CARPI SUN fruit punch.




demcember 17 2017… i came so close today. at lunch colby got up to get another slasbury steak and when no body was looking i put the rat poison i stole from the community center in his milk. but when he came back he traded it for a little debbie christmas tree cake with our friend donald. RIP donald. gym class wont be the same with out you. 🙁

it so its a great source of fiber and chocolate. when that was finished i washed it down with a refeshing bag of CARPI SUN fruit punch.

oh i all most forgot! it came with a free hasbro game too i got yachtzee scratchers just like the kind my mom buys with her new ports!

so at the end of the day it was a good flim but a great lunch. and thats why the winner of this weeks FLIMABLES goes to lunchables. CONGRATUTATIONS LUNCHABLES!

keep it cool,

ebob junior