This will be a day long remembered by the fanboy, it has seen the confirmation of their loyalty and will soon see more garbage-tier Star Wars films that they can spend endless hours defeating on internet forums.

Kathleen Kennedy, Witch Queen of Marinmar President of LucasFilm, will now have three more years to destroy evolve the legacy of the franchise that her friend and former boss, George Lucas, created and built.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Kathleen Kennedy has reignited her lightsaber. The lead producer and architect of the Star Wars franchise has renewed her contract to remain president of Lucasfilm for another three years, through 2021.

This was completely and entirely the decision of Bob Iger, a man who we celebrated less than a week ago, and can now only be seen as complicit in this plundering the Star Wars mythos to create more awkward, pandering movies.


Just as I thought. A dark power is using her to destroy Star Wars. Thanks a lot, Sauron.

Let’s pretend for a minute that she doesn’t have one of the Rings of Power, because if that is the case we are truly fucked, and move on with the indictment.

I Don’t Like You

We’ve made no secret of our disdain for this woman. Her silly ideas in both movies (Luke, Leia Poppins, My Rey Sue) and reality (enforcing a 50/50 gender policy at Lucasfilm), as well as the bizarre statements by her and her subordinates, make her eminently hateable.

Link: ScreenRant

We get what you are up to, KK. You wanted Star Wars to develop a new female audience by catering to women while at the same time maintaining the original male audience. But statements like that just make it seem, nay, confirm that you just take the male audience for granted.

By the way, has anyone seen the CinemaScore demographics on the last four Star Wars movies? I know they are available over at Deadline. I don’t have time to look them up.

Additionally, Kennedy allowed her “creatives” to make some very strange and off-putting statements that seem to be intended to target or offend potential movie-goers.

Why was it necessary for the writer of Rogue One to tweet this?

This was of course followed by a number of click-bait, mommy-blog articles from the shill media about how the alt-right and Trump supporters (they are the same, didn’t you hear) won’t really like that progressive Rogue One. What infantile children these people are to politicize a Star Wars movie.

Then, of course, there was this death sentence levied against Solo by one of its writers:

Why was it necessary for the writer of Solo to make this statement? How is it confirmed if it doesn’t happen in the movies? What is the point of that pandering? Don’t you want families at your movies?

What is the motive behind allowing these writers to make these kinds of alienating statements? Nobody knows but Kay.

And I use quotes around creatives because many suspect that these writers are simply transcribers for the ideas, characters and scenarios that come out of the LucasFilm Story Group. I invite you to explore on your own the creation and population of that destructive den of iniquity.

This column could go on and on about KK’s trashing of not only the OT — now they are going to strip mine the Prequels with a resurrected Darth Maul — but also the fanbase.

Luke Skywalker’s metamorphosis into Hobo Child Killer, Rian Johnson’s disgraceful treatment of fans, the Kelly Tran harassment hoax, etc, etc, etc.

This woman should be doing 3 years of penal servitude above the Arctic Circle, not making more Star Wars movies.

We saved a bunk for ya, Kathy