For certain sites that follow good taxonomy Google will give them a larger amount of real estate for their brand name in Search Engine Page Results.

Example: When someone searches for “film goblin” on Google they currently get the following result:

The highlighted area are the “Site Links”

The only way to control these Site Links is to limit and control the amount of top-level categories we link “up” to from our articles.

Link “Up” To These Preferred Categories

Link The Preferred Categories Contextually

This means try to fit them into the post naturally, for example:

You will have to cut and paste the URL because Link Options does not currently search for categories, only articles.

What If I Can’t Get It To Work Contextually?

Then just link “Keep up with all the latest trailers at Film Goblin.” or “For more of our honest opinions on movies and shows check out our other reviews.” or something similar.

You can also use single “trailer” or “review” in a sentence, it doesn’t have to only be “trailers” or “reviews”.

Or other text all together; you can link “A galaxy far, far away” or “MCU” if you want to mix it up some times.

Does This Mean I Can’t Link To Non-Prefered Categories?

Nope, but link to a Preferred Category on that page as well, if possible. And before you link to a Non-Preferred Category. You should be linking to a Preferred Category at a rate twice as high as to Non-Preferred Categories overall. Meaning for every link you drop to Avengers: Infinity War or Black Panther, you drop two to Marvel Cinematic Universe. This does not necessarily mean in the same article. Just keep a running approximation in your head.

Can I Link To Multiple Preferred Categories In One Post?

Sure, but try to keep the links to around one for every two hundred words of text and max out at around three or four internal links per page. This will give you the ability to drop two Preferred and one Non-Preferred per Post, if necessary.

Does This Mean I Can’t Link To Other Posts From My Post?

No. Link to other Posts as normal.

Should I Go Back Through My Former Posts And Craft Them?

Yes. It’s much easiler for you to do 30 articles than for me to do 500. Thanks you.