Hollywood has a problem saying anything good about our military vis-a-vis our current Global War On Terrorism. Oh, they will tell you that they “support the troops” and they will go do USO Tours in the desert but when it comes to portraying them as heroic citizen-soldiers sacrificing everything to battle some of the most virulent head-choppers the world has ever known, Tinseltown seems to fall down on the job.

Scar Jo: Boobs On The Ground, Kandahar

The only recent movies that got a theatrical release which were generally positive about our troops are 12 Strong, Soul Survivor and that one where actual Navy Seals played themselves, Act Of Valor.

Usually, it’s a lot of Johnnie Came Home With That PTSD or, in the case of Taking Chance, Johnnie never came home. They are morose, humorless, preachy and political movies that in no way celebrate our boys killing terrorists and jihadis in their own sandbox.

Don’t expect anything different from The Kill Team, because unlike most of these current war movies this one is based on a true story and the true story is absolutely horrific.

In 2010, a group of US Army soldiers targeted and murdered at least three Afghan civilians for no other reason than the thrill of killing a “haji”. This really happened. There was a 2013 documentary of the same name that The Kill Team is based on.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to see this movie but have a look at the trailer:

Truly despicable conduct by our soldiers and not really anything I ever want to see in a dramatic narrative format. You don’t want to even know what’s in the selfies they took.

My Lai, Abu Ghraib, this awful shit — always the fucking Army! Every time!

All of these sick, traitorous bastards should have been given the death penalty and had their names burned into the memories of every American citizen to shame their families unto the 3rd generation. Fuck these guys:

  • Staff Sergeant David Bram
  • Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs
  • Private First Class Andrew Holmes
  • Sergeant Darren Jones
  • Specialist Adam Kelly
  • Private First Class Ashton A. Moore
  • Specialist Corey Moore
  • Specialist Jeremy N. Morlock
  • Specialist Emmitt Quintal
  • Staff Sergeant Robert Stevens
  • Private First Class Justin Stoner
  • Specialist Adam Winfield
  • Specialist Michael Wagnon