Spaceship Earth Trailer Goes Inside a Bold Experiment to Sustain a ...

I remember back in the early ’90s when self-contained ecosystems were garnering a lot of attention. So much so they got the Hollywood treatment in the probably classic Biodome starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.

It made $13 million and was generally reviled for I’m assuming being too ahead of its time. Also perhaps many other reasons ie. insulting everyone in every way.

Let’s hope this year’s documentary Spaceship Earth fares a little better in at least the scientific accuracy department. 

Spaceship Earth Documentary Gets May 8th Launch from NEON

Intriguing Title. What’s It All About?

In 1991, eight capable men and women were sealed into Biosphere 2, an airtight terrarium in the Arizona desert containing a miniature replica of Earth’s environment. Funded by a Texas oil tycoon hoping to acquire licensable technologies for space colonization, the mission of Biosphere 2 was to maintain an isolated, sustainable environment for two years. It was a mission that became a dystopian simulation of ecological crisis, after which a corporate consultant took over the venture—and disappeared the data.

Check out the Trailer:

Spaceship Earth premiered at this year’s Sundance and features interviews with the actual participants of Biosphere 2 as well as Jane Goodall.

It’s directed by Matt Wolf who has shared some unique perspectives through (Teenage, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project). The former examined the dawn of the concept of Teenagers and how that identity has evolved.

Something like the concept of the “tween” has been created and marketed in the last 20 years. The former looked at the development of televised news and how that has shaped our culture so he will at least bring some new and perhaps underrepresented insights to light about the famed isolation experiment.

In what will perhaps be seen as a prescient reaction to the current lockdown of theaters,  Neon (Honeyland, Apollo 11) will be releasing Spaceship Earth on May 8 via a patchwork of drive-in theaters, pop-up projections and on-demand.

Check the website for details.