Don’t Get Too Excited

It’s likely just a cameo but small Snipes is better than no Snipes. 

Can anyone recall the last mainstream Hollywood movie he was in?

I can’t and neither can you but that’s why you come to Film Goblin, we do the research others can’t do… errr… well, I guess he was just in Dolomite Is My Name.

And before that The Expendable 3.

But there was a stretch of about six years, around the time of his troubles with the IRS, that he wasn’t even doing direct-to-video flicks.

This one seems like some pretty standard “Blacks Are The Real Criminals” fare:

Set after Hurricane Katrina, four boyhood friends out of options reluctantly accept an offer to pull off a dangerous heist in the heart of New Orleans.

Alongside Snipes, you’re going to get Ethan Hawke, Terrence Howard and the criminally undercast Isaiah Washington. 

Have a look:

Not For Me

Well, that’s generic.

It’s got T.I. who, even though he gets my vote for father of the year for coming out in favor of hymen checks to preserve our daughters’ virginity, is just overused for no reason and overexposed for some reason.

A better movie would be Snipes trying to defend his home and neighbors from looters during Katrina. With fuckin’ voodoo magic, mon!