A lot of Batman movie related news in the past 24 hours.

In addition to the casting news from this morning and yesterday’s Reddit leaks, now Matt Reeves, director of the currently in production latest reiteration of Batman, has posted online via Twitter the first official look of what the new Batmobile looks like.

Unlike the design that Nolan’s trilogy used, they are going for a cooler modern look this time. More sports car than tank. Very Camaro-eque. Something you would expect a playboy like Bruce Wayne to drive around the streets of Gotham if it was street legal.

The back of the car being wide open to fit the engine is a pretty nice touch. The open back makes you wonder if maybe Batman enters it by jumping through the back, kind of like the Duke boys got in the General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Even though the design is completely different than Nolan’s tumbler, it’s interesting that they chose to use the same sepia tone in the photographs that Nolan used in Batman Begins.

The leaks that we posted yesterday mentioned they are going for a noir-like feel. Do these photos help confirm the leak?

The look of the Batmobile is somewhat similar to the look of the car during the 70s to early 80s comic book run with Neal Adams as artist, so it’s not that unusual a stylistic choice it seems.

You also get a better official look at what Pattison’s entire body looks like in the suit.

There were already some shots leaked a couple of weeks ago, but these are official ones. They don’t show the costume off too much, but it’s better than nothing. 

Reveals from the studio like this are always because they want to get ahead of anticipated leaks that they can’t control. Don’t be surprised if they start shooting a big outdoors scene in public with Batman’s new ride.