These Violent Delights

WestWorld season 1 was an absolute joy to watch. Speculation as to what the hell was going on was just as fun as watching the show. When the series was first announced I was luke warm to the whole idea, but I was quickly proven wrong on my skepticism, as it turned out to be the best new show that year. Its been a long wait, but finally we have  some new glimpses into what to expect from season 2.

Have Violent Ends

The first season ended with an all out revolt against the makers by the androids in the park. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) executed Dr Ford ( Anthony Hopkins ) and led an android uprising against the Delos employees who had gathered in the park. This all set Ford’s final narrative “Journey Into Night ” in motion, and that is where season 2 will begin.

Westworld Season 2

Future World And Beyond

An interesting note from one of the early teasers for season 2 was an entry in the Delos website where one entry read  “Westworld grew from a singular theme park into an entire constellation of entertainment havens”. We already saw evidence of Samurai World, but how many parks there actually are at Delos remains to be seen. The original film had Medieval World, Roman World and Westworld. With Future World being added in the sequel. Will all these parks be featured in the series ? Who knows how many seasons the show will run for. As long as they keep up the same level of quality as season 1, they can go on for a very long time.

Westworld will return on April 22, 2018

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  1. My main concern is the that the split time, non linear, converging thread, mystery box approach worked well for S1 precisely because it was the first season and they needed to look back to fill in history, while driving the story forward to the robot uprising.

    We are now at that point in the story.

    But if they decide that they need to harness that approach again then this time round it is in danger of being a disjointed mess driven by a gimmick for the sake of it.

  2. Let there be a Prehistoric World, full of wild animals appearing around the time of the dawn of humankind.

    Also, are we going to get an answer where these parks are located? Are they under a massive dome system on another planet? Underground? Are they in a parallel universe?


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