Just Look At The Picture

He still appears pretty alert and aware… hmmm… if he could be returned…

Look how Lucas is holding his phone. Look at how he is intentionally reflecting and diffusing the light off the bartop to illuminate his Skywalker wine.

He’s not there to “take control” from The Witch Queen.

He’s not there to lend “creative input”.

He’s just hawking his wine. And maybe checking things out.

A cynic would say they are using him to give credibility to the first live-action Star Wars TV show. Just like they did with announcing his set visit to Solo: A Star Wars Mistake.

But — hey! — stop being a cynic!

And Stop It, Internet!

The time is coming when George Lucas will be back in charge of Star Wars but it is not this day. Iger is merely feeding Kathy the rope with which to hang herself.

Soon, the ST will be over and The Creator will be back in charge.

Then there will be a reckoning. A retconning.