Infinity War. Yes, Infinity War.

It’s finally landed. The movie 10 years in the making. The movie with 72 speaking roles. The movie that is tracking to destroy all known box office records. Except worldwide total because nothing can beat Avatar; fight me on that one in the comments if you want.

And people are reacting! Or rather, everyone is losing their minds and coming out of their shoes to have the most hyper-ventilating, hyperbolic tweet about this movie. So let see what they are saying:

Disney Employees

A legit, unironic “OMG” from a woman that’s in the movie. Ballsy. Or shameless.

For those who are uninitiated, this next dude directed Dr. Strange; but we are initiated aren’t we, Scott? Members of the League of Shillers!

Speaking of being in league, let’s see what the professional comicbook “nerds” and fanboys have to say about 20 of their favorite super-heroes coming together to fight another world-ending CGI annihilation.

The Shills

Guis, his legs were shaking. Are you sure that wasn’t another blowout?

But wait a minute… “a loooong year”? So we’re getting the next Avengers movie in a year? How in the hell come nobody at Film Goblin knew that?

Next up, is Smith’s only real competition for title of ShillOFax: Lord of All Whores, a dude from Colliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider.

“Jaw on floor.” Hmmm, I wonder what his reaction was when the second plane went into the second tower. Where do you go higher in your reaction-stack from “Jaw on floor”?

Just in case you’re not getting it, here is another Collider gui:

He actually seems kind reserved and circumspect.

Here we have someone telling us to go ahead and just buy tickets to two showings RNG (right now, guis!) because one viewing is not enough:

It’s almost as if these people make a living off of generating interest in these movies!

The Critics

All right, we heard from the trogue-feeders; let’s see what the legit critics have to say about Avengers: May Peace Be Upon It:

Although she had neither tremors nor did her jaw dislocate, she seems to think it’s a pretty good movie.

And here is another one saying “Watch it twice!”

Uh oh, oh no… that kind of reaction can mean only one thing: an awesome post-credits stinger, right?

Fucking Empire Strikes Back? You mean The Last Jedi wasn’t?

Eh, some girl from Mashable. Who cares what she thinks anyway? But is it possible that it might not be Avengers: King Of The Jews? After all, why is it still embargoed over at Rotten Tomatoes?

The Tempering

I’m not too sure how legit of a film review I’m going to get from CNN.

This guy is from IndieWire, so this seems like a bonafide opinion.

Well, it’s really hard to tell what we’re getting ourselves into with this movie.